There are excellent printer controllers to get the most out of your printer... PRISMAsync is also geared to get the most out of your day!

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PRISMAsync: Performance from within

Today, the market is full of excellent print controllers. There’s no such thing as a bad print controller anymore. They all offer great functionality to manage output quality and productivity. PRISMAsync however, is built right into the heart of the printer making it the only controller capable of sensing all crucial information, in real time! Information that is used to precisely predict how the printer will handle jobs. Media-based workflow and powerful color gamut increase first-time-right print output on any type of media. Combining this with one uniform, award-winning interface for both color and black/white, PRISMAsync provides that extra edge in terms of print quality, productivity and operator convenience. PRISMAsync: get the most out of your Canon printers.

Key functions

  • Fastest APPE-based RIP
  • Media-based workflow, never print on the wrong media again
  • Best-in-class color and monochrome image quality
  • Unique job scheduling and web-based printer management, plan up to 8 hours ahead
  • One uniform, award-winning user interface for all jobs

User benefits

  • Profitability

    Get more out of your printer

  • Operational efficiency

    Keep your printers running at all times, no babysitting!

  • Operator convenience

    One workflow, low learning curve.

  • Customer satisfaction

    Consistent, first-time-right, high quality print applications.

What can PRISMAsync do for you?

It’s a familiar scenario in today’s printing landscape: Flawless results are expected with impossible deadlines. Operators of different skill levels must efficiently produce complex documents in both black and white and color, and all while trying to control rising costs and production bottlenecks.

The PRISMAsync controller platform streamlines production by making printing operations more intuitive and uniform. Now operators can manage and run jobs through multiple presses easily and with fewer mistakes than ever before. Every aspect of those jobs?, from composition to media to production to finishing?, is easily managed even those inevitable last-minute changes.

PRISMAsync print servers not only boost production capacity, they help lower cost and increase profitability. Employees feel supported and empowered to do their best. PRISMAsync delivers the high-performance, deadline-driven printing that will help grow your business and drive future success.


Canon imagePRESS C850 series


Canon varioPRINT 135 series


Océ VarioPrint 6000+ line


Canon imagePRESS C7011VPS


Canon imagePRESS C10000VP


Océ VarioPrint i300


PRISMAlytics Dashboard is a cloud-based dashboard that provides an historical view on the utilization, productivity and media usage of your Canon or Océ engine to increase productivity, reduce waste and optimize production quality

  • Increase fleet performance
  • Historical view on fleet performance
  • Usage, Productivity, Consumables. Media usage, Media performance
  • Web-based (Microsoft Azure)
  • For print room manager

Remote Manager

Manage PRISMAsync driven engines remotely

An absolute essential and unique feature of PRISMAsync is the Remote Manager. Customers can manage their PRISMAsync driven engines remotely with the PRISMAsync Remote Manager and benefit from a web-based tool that overlooks your printers.

Benefit from a web-based tool that overlooks your printers:

  • Get insight into the status and production schedules of your engines (Remote monitoring)
  • Edit and reroute your jobs (Remote operation) – all job edit features available on the
  • operator panel are also available in Remote Manager
  • Drag and drop jobs directly to a printer (Remote job upload)

Remote Control

Free app to receive notifications well ahead, on your smartphone

We understand that’s it is not efficient for an operator to continuously look after the engine for it to finish. Therefore, in addition to Remote Manager, we have introduced Remote Control. Remote Control is an app for Android and iOS that gives you insights in the status of your PRISMAsync driven engines. It shows when immediate action is required (such as an engine error), but also predictive actions (such as when to load new media in which engine). Up to 60 minutes ahead. By using Remote Control, you can now do other things while the engines are running and be

back on time when action is required. This increase productivity and reduces engine idle time.

  • Engine information anywhere & 24/7
  • Real-time notifications
  • Engine status
  • Job information
  • iOS & Android app
  • For key operator

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