Accelerate document preparation with PRISMAprepare All-in-one document preparation

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PRISMAprepare overview

A powerful all-in-one make-ready solution that accelerates document preparation from composition through production. PRISMAprepare significantly reduces costly print preparation times and cut turnaround times. It is designed to optimize and automate manual work, which makes it the ideal stand-alone make-ready solution for professional print environments. It also supports a wide range of print applications so you can expand your service offerings and improve customer satisfaction by providing more value-added documents.

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Key functions

All-in-One Make Ready Solution

  • Composition makeready: collect and combine various digital (Office/PDF) or analog input files in a single document.
  • Image makeready: Correct and clean up imperfections. Replace, change or modify (image) colors
  • Color makeready: Correct colors of texts, graphics and images. Manage the ICC profiles
  • Content makeready: preflight and make late-stage corrections to document content
  • Layout makeready: Create the final layout of the document including finishing
  • Media makeready: Assign media to pages, sections or entire document
  • Production makeready: printer-independent document preparation allowing you to prepare once and print to a wide range of devices, including Canon, Océ and third party devices.
  • Finishing makeready: Send finishing instructions directly to nearline finishers to eliminate manual entry of job properties data. Validate finishing settings to ensure correction production.
  • Embedded variable data printing
  • Embedded preflighting
  • Advanced color detection and color split and merge to cost effectively produce mixed B&W and color jobs
  • Automate the preparation of rountie jobs using imposition template and hotfolder
  • Seamless integration with PRISMAdirect and PRISMAsync
  • Conveniet open interface with standalone PDF-enabled programs, such as Adobe Acrobat, Adobe Photoshop, etc.

User benefits

  • Speed up turnaround time

    Accelerate preparation with all-in-one document makeready for even the most complex jobs, and reduce job preparation time by automating routine tasks

  • Increase productivity

    Increase productivity through device-independent document preparation, allowing you to prepare once and print to a vast range of devices, unleashing the full power of your entire printing fleet.

  • Enhance your services

    Add value to your services through document enhancements and improved quality, utilize VDP capability to make document personalized, smart and interactive.

  • Intuitive and easy to use

    Intuitive, award-winning user interface enables even inexperienced operators to master any document preparation task.
    What you see is what you get (WYSIWYG) job preview helps ensure what you see on the screen is exactly what your end print product will look like.