PRISMAdirect empowers you to get more work done every day in the most cost effective way ... ... by acquiring more business and giving you tight control of your workflow.

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PRISMAdirect: More jobs, more control, direct results

PRISMAdirect is an end-to-end workflow management solution for Print Service Providers that streamlines their entire order and production process. It is an integrated, scalable and easy to use web-based product that empowers print providers to organize the work the way they want it, finally connecting the dots of separate tasks in their company. Repetitive jobs are automated, order acquisition is simplified and turnaround time is shortened.

Acquire jobs from various sources and streamline your entire production process

PRISMAdirect overview

Key functions

Increase business

  • Acquire orders from variety of sources 24/7
  • Create unlimited and highly customizable store fronts
  • Acquire and manage order containing print and/or non-print items

Streamline workflow

  • Streamline your complete workflow from order intake to fulfillment
  • Automated workflow from order acceptance, document preparation through production
  • Automatic document preparation with standard imposition template or integrate with PRISMAprepare for customized imposition template
  • Assign tasks to right operators and provide them with personalized view
  • Cluster printing to intelligently balance the production load and increase productivity
  • Drives Canon, Océ and third party production printers
  • Integration into existing workflow enabled via JDF/JMF interface and tight connection with third party applications.
  • Streamline your workflow from office to production via tight integration with uniFLOW

Control business operations

  • Smart accounting and reporting systems help you gain insight into your operations
  • Web-based and mobile optimized user interface for easy deployment and taking quick actions, anywhere, anytime
  • Manage entire workflow in one view from order intake to shipping

User benefits

  • Grow your business

    Grow business by acquiring new customers and more orders

  • Maximize Productivity

    Boost productivity by getting more out of your streamlined workflow – from order intake to production and shipping.

  • Seamless integration

    Seamlessly integrates with Canon and PRISMA products, remarkably open to 3rd party products

  • Control

    Gain insight into business performance with the strong accounting and reporting system